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Full text of "Text Book Of Mechanical Engineering"

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'j*l fin                      aifi                        pit

4t||i iff                                                 Wti

#t|i             t*f |pif

tff4     '4*1              H 40f fl  pt* ? J*| J^ lij            f * J*|

H           |                     t 4 1*                f| f pit tflft

M|i         i 'ir*|         lit *f              |        fo        i

f          *tf|J tt|                          W||             |i

put         atfi                         i*t                 j*#

ifi                    4*4                                           4tt

f*t 4t||                                    |*

fi |m P                                 lint

t^if M              *<ji               Jtt          t               1 1|

IT                                       *|f

dtp in                              nt tf                        t li|

fit         J4                                   irii               *if*|


t?                          fitir                                            |r<

          Ji||                 |W|   jiff

JO           f   4*1   if                  III ti|                  W*

fli^{ltJl                     1*1                                            i^l

II If          *ii|,ff                                    |*i           it**| frt                    *^|f i*i

%%jttiil ^t||             *|| 4 |t %r                  $^|          fut 

%f                                        't*i{                                A| %j|if|4 ik'Ji

111                       If*                   atfl ja

F         ill   *fi|f   lilii             Hi   ||

>||| |lf                           tM*'*t'V*, l|                               %4l^ll<^%

V/Vlf                -^M ^f                         (%^ii^ui4

I4IJii^li|                  III                4t|   ^            JJ*   *  #%*   Vl t|^

*ftW{IIt*|           |f ^Iiifffill      'f III              ;

MJ   ffc4i*iJtlli*t   Ji.ftjll JU*Jt                      ,|f   ^|*%          ^i|l|/**   i^n(|*

nil            WiiiiAJfitffiw |ni| if itf |i$ tiitp.t|i r n^^^ t^iti^         -4||